About RFQ

Hello, lover! We are Romance Fiction Queen, aka RFQ Publishing. We write romance novels for paying clients to earn a steady income, and we use that to support us in our journey of writing, editing, and publishing our own romance novels.

These are our Mission, Vision, and Values:

Mission: Our mission is to supply romance publishers with commissioned books while empowering writers to continuously improve their craft, create with passion, and publish their own work - all while earning a consistent income doing something they love.


Vision: Our vision is to elevate the romance fiction genre and self-publishing space.


  • Trust - Trust has been broken in the ghostwriting industry and in the self-publishing space. We are going to change that.

  • Honesty - We are committed to transparency with our staff and our clients. But we always deliver honesty with…

  • Respect - This means being respectful of the needs of our clients and our staff - honoring the commitments we’ve made to them.

  • Fun - Life is too short for boring work!

  • Creativity - We never settle for boring tropes or plot points or words just to get the job done. We work smart and meet our deadlines, but push ourselves to seek out things that truly excite us in our work.

  • Integrity - We express gratitude to our clients and co-workers. We value honesty and openness. We take responsibility and accountability for our actions both good and bad.

  • Empowerment - We want to empower you in your creativity and your career, in your personal and professional growth. We empower writers and elevate publishers, and in turn, we’re empowering future publishers and elevating the self-publishing space as a whole.

Our blog, mailing list, and videos offer free resources, advice, and market insight. We also provide outlining, story development, and design services. There's also the Book Boutique stocked full of great gifts for romance novelists, writers, and book lovers.

XOXO, The Romance Fiction Queen