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Must Love Romance

If you are a writer or editor who loves romance novels, we'd like to meet you.

We write romance novels for paying clients to earn a steady income, and we use that to support us in our journey of writing, editing, and publishing our own romance novels. 

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Love Cereal

Why should you write or edit
for us?

Perks to freelancing with the Romance Fiction Queen team:

  • Competitive Rates

  • Book Bonus - to help you purchase books for research, pay for Kindle Unlimited, or just to snag some new releases to your TBR

  • Outlines Provided

  • Paid Outline Development (so you never have to rewrite an outline for free OR write a story you think sucks)

  • No Client Management. You write or edit. We handle the rest. 

  • Publishing Support - so while you are earning income as a freelancer, we publish your books under your name with RFQ Publishing.

After years of working in the ghostwriting and self-publishing industry, we have discovered A LOT that could be better.


Better for the clients, and better for the creatives. By doing a better job of serving both - the result is more great stories to share with the world.

Trust has been broken in the ghostwriting industry and in the self-publishing space.


Clients don’t feel like they can trust writers or agencies because of the horror stories they’ve heard or the number of times they’ve been burned.


Too many of us have bought a self-published book on amazon only to find it’s a weak, boring story that’s riddled with errors.


Then there are writers and editors who have been burned by clients and agencies by not being paid or by being treated like a machine. 

We are going to change that.


We are going to build trust with our clients by always delivering on our commitments to them.


We are going to build trust with reading audiences by never delivering or publishing anything that we don’t absolutely love and believe in.


We are going to build trust with the creatives we work with by treating them like human beings, and by investing in their careers with resources, support, and opportunities.

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If you're interested in writing or editing for us...

Please send writing samples, your experience & relevant skills, and tell us a little bit about yourself and what you have to offer our clients:

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